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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ten Tips For Better Thank You Letters

via Donor Power Blog:

1.) Get the letter out quickly.
2.) Relate your Thank You letter to the ask.
3.) Tell the donor what you will do with their money.
4.) Use a real signature.
5.) Have the ED or President go through the letters and add personal notes.
6.) Add a reply envelope.
7.) Include year to date or lifetime giving data.
8.) Make it clear that the letter is also a receipt.
9.) Include an offer to tour your facility or program site.
10.) Include the name and contact info of someone the donor can call with questions.


Georgi said...


Thank you for including these tips. However, I would revise the list because some of these items do not apply to political fundraising. Heres my top 10:

1. Letter needs to be out within one week.

2. Include the amount that they donated.

3. Tell the donor where their money will be used. Be very specific. For example, a direct mail piece, 100 yard signs etc.

4. The letter must be personally signed by the candidate. A personal note should be added, and include information that relays that you really know who they are.

5. Include the website, email and phone number of the campaign and encourage them to become more involved.

6. Invite them to your office if you have one, which will hopefully get them to volunteer.

7. Give them a reason to donate again, but don't specifically ask or include another remit envelope.

8. Make sure to thank them in the beginning and the end of the letter.

9. Beyond the letter, make sure your candidate calls to follow up if the donation is large.

10. You can never say thank you too many times. For example, the next time you see the donor make sure that your candidate knows who gave so they can thank them in person.

Thats my two cents.

Georgi Blumenthal
Calderin for State Representative

Ray Seaman said...

Very nice! Thank you.