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Friday, July 13, 2007

Hillsborough DEC Website Now Current

The Hillsborough DEC website has been unpdated at last.
Take a look.
Hillsborough Democratic Executive Committee.


Eddie Schwieterman said...

Looks good!

Ray Seaman said...

Very nice. Congrats to the Hillsborough Dems!

Jennifer said...

Nice! Kinda pricey, but since the cost covers them handling all the tech side, I guess its worthwhile. In Leon County they use Orchid Suites, which from what I could gather from their website, is more expensive and doesn't look quite as good to me. I've also heard rumblings that the DEC folks have been struggling with it. I wonder how much of a PITA it would be for them to switch over to a new system.

Ray Seaman said...

From what I've seen, Orchid Suites is terrible. The sites look crummy, and functionality is very low. I'm pretty sure Alachua uses Orchids Suites now, but are going with something else in the near future.

BTW, If Leon needs help with a new website, I'm available.

Susan S said...

I think we paid a lot of money to Orchid Suites last year but never were able to get it going. Demslink is perfect for us. Thanks to Deb Cope, Curt Johnson, and the IT team for pushing the move to Demslink forward.