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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Purpose of This Blog

Hello, my name is Ray Seaman. I'm currently 18 years old, a political science student at the University of Florida, and have been a Democratic supporter for as long as I can remember. Since I was 16, I have been involved in the party at the DEC (Democratic Executive Committee) level. This summer, I worked heavily with the Marion County, Florida DEC, and learned a ton about political organization.

I started this blog in order to create a forum of ideas on how to reform Florida's many DECs so that they become an effective arm for the the Florida Democratic Party, and more importantly, an effective force of progress within Florida's many diverse communities.

Currently, many of Florida's DECs are ineffective bickering sessions in which little is accomplished and unhelpful individuals are more concerned about defending their turf rather than organizing their communities and defeating Republicans.

I hope this blog becomes a place in which current, former, and just disgruntled DEC members can come, not just to vent, but to share new ideas on how DECs can become effective.