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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Precinct Captains Are The Key

so says Mike Lux of OpenLeft.

Of course, Mike is saying this in the context of the Iowa Caucuses. But it matters just as heavily to DECs and campaigns here in Florida, too.

Precinct captains who have been well trained and know their neighbors well alter the outcomes of elections and make polls seem inaccurate. Of course, precinct captains alone sometimes don't do the job completely - they often need the help of block captains, who manage pieces of the precinct.

Precinct captains are indeed the key.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Never Forget Why

When you're building any organization, much less a DEC, you will undoubtedly run into frustration and stress. If not, you're probably not changing anything.

There are setbacks, mistakes, arguments, etc. which can bring you down. However, in times like these, just remember one thing: why you're working hard in the first place.

For me, I grew up in Weirsdale, Florida, a rural country "town" in the middle of nowhere. Ocala and Leesburg were the "big cities." You get the picture. Poverty and desperation was everywhere with the exception of wealthy lake shore homeowners and those in nearby gated retirement communities.

The poor and their situation were largely ignored, the local elementary school was one of the worst in the entire county. It didn't start changing until people in the community started waking up, and through the leadership of local churches (one of them being my father's - Weirsdale Presbyterian) good things started happening. The school is now an "A" school and is no longer ignored by the School Board. I can't say the economic situation has improved (that will take both a Democratic President and a complete public policy priority shift at all levels) - that problem remains.

I learned that ordinary people, when organized, could do extraordinary things.

So when I face obstacles and frustrations, I always think "If we don't organize and fight - who will?" Kids aren't going to get better schools, better jobs aren't going to be created, healthcare access won't improve, growth won't be better managed if we sit around and complain.

That keeps me going - what about you?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Belated Weekend Links

Blogger flagged BFDECS over the weekend as a possible spam blog (which prevented me from posting all weekend), but that's all cleared up now.

On to links!

Myths About Online Volunteering
by Jayne Cravens of Tech Soup

Whither Progressive TV? by Shai Sachs of MyDD

Finding Strategy for the Progressive Movement by Shai Sachs of MyDD

New Tools: Engage the Blogs by Jerome Armstrong for the New Politics Institute (NPI)
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