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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Leon DEC Snags A Big Fish

Its reported in today's Tallahasse Democrat that the Leon DEC has snagged Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) to be their keynote speaker at the annual Collins-Steele Fundraising Dinner. This is just another good achievement under the leadership of Leon DEC Chairman Rick Minor. He said it best:

"This is a testament to the strength of the local Democratic organization," DEC Chairman Rick Minor said. "Two years ago, we wouldn't have gotten a presidential candidate."

Of course, its no accident that Obama or any other Democrat for that matter wants to play with the Tallahassee kids:

"This is an indication of how important Tallahassee is for us," he [Kirk Wagar, Obama's state finance chairman in Miami] said. "About 35 percent of the Democratic primary vote is in North Florida."

Nonetheless, a big congratulations to the Leon County DEC!

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tally said...

Yes! See you there!