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Monday, July 09, 2007

Online Fundraising Stuff

DFA's Night School program just went through a big series on fundraising which was superb. I encourage all to at a minimum take a look at the presentations and when you have time, to listen to the recorded teleconferences. Awesome stuff!

My father every now and then sends me excellent posts from the Donor Power Blog, which is solely dedicated to fundraising tactics.

Today they had an excellent post dealing with online fundraising. When you get a fundraising email, and you decide to click on the link, where you go is called the "landing page". There was a study done recently on landing pages as reported by Donor Power Blog:

  • 45% of landing pages have the same headline as the email that sent people to the page.

  • 17% of emails send those who click through to a home page, rather than a page where they can immediately take relevant action.

  • 35% of pages don't look and feel like the email that sent them there in the first place.

  • 45% of landing pages bog down users by requiring them to fill out 10 or more fields.

  • Nearly 70% include a navigation bar, even though it's a distraction that pulls visitors away from the page's primary goal.

  • 25% of landing pages required users to scroll through more than two screens of text.

I'll be adding these and other good fundraising links later today and doing a "New Links" post on them.

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