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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Name Change

This is something I've been kicking around for a while now. The name "Reform" in Reform Florida's DECs has always kind of bothered me in the back of my head. While we are indeed working to change local parties here in Florida, we're not against them entirely. Those of you who were at the Netroots Luncheon at JJ probably remember me saying that "Reform Florida's DECs doesn't mean we're against DECs, we want to help them." The name can mean different things to different people. Ken Quinnel of Florida Progressive Coalition received some communications recently which confirmed some of those initial thoughts.

So today, I'm changing the name of this blog to "Build Florida's DECs". Building is exactly what we want to do and doesn't compromise our original message of change.

The actual URL of this blog will be changing too...just not right now. I want to give all the folks who've bookmarked and linked to this blog some time to know its changing. Instead of, on Monday, July 9, the URL will be changed to Please be ready to make these changes accordingly.

I'll be sending a blast email out shortly to all those on our mailing list.


Susan S said...

Great idea, Ray, and thanks for making the change. I think this will help some of the old guard be more open to coming here.

Ray Seaman said...

Thanks Susan, my thoughts exactly.

kansasr said...

Old guard? Who you calling "old"? LOL

Susan S said...

Myself! LOL

kansasr said...

Sorry, I'm a little age sensitive at the moment.

I'm being honored next month by the Broward Young Democrats and I've accused them of giving me one of those "before they die" awards LOL

Eddie said...

I didn't really see the problem with the first name, but if this helps with the overall goal and mission of the site, then right on!