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Friday, June 15, 2007

Supporting Our Young Activists

I'm helping put together a "Come Back Soon" Party for James Walker, an Iraq War vet recalled to duty in the middle of his campaign for state representative against Dennis Baxley in 2006. Therefore, the second part of Party Building Basics will have to wait until tommorrow. Until then, here's a nice caveat to tide you over.

As a 20 year old, I constantly get asked the question: "How come young people aren't involved" and "How come young people don't vote?" The answer to the first question is the start of the explanation for the second question: the progressive movement today doesn't feed its young people - it starves them. Read the article below and you'll see what I mean. Its a constant struggle people like me and many others have to deal with on a very regular basis:

When College Ends, So Does Activism

Unfortunately, local parties can only do so much here. They can put young people in leadership roles, and help get young people elected to local office (building a "farm team"), but in terms of helping them survive financially - DECs are very limited. This is something our progressive movement as a whole needs to address.


Eddie said...

I read that article and it's fairly depressing. The Republicans don't have near the level of grassroots support that Democrats do, but they do invest in their young people and the machine is ready to take them in.

Michael Calderin said...

And that's exactly what we need to be doing!

Ray -- I heard about this when James was recalled. Please send me the details when he'll be back. This is someone I need to meet.

Kenneth said...

Good post. We've both been harping on this one a lot, we need to do even more of it. I think I'll put this one on 5tR tomorrow.