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Monday, June 11, 2007

DEC Websites

DEC Websites come in many formats. They are each unique and reflect the interests and focus of their respective counties. One thing that should be uniform to all, however, is UP-TO-DATE information. Voters will review these sites and make judgments about the viability of each DEC. We encourage Democrats to contact your DEC leadership about the need to have current and timely information on your DEC website. Just for starters, here are DEC websites of TampaBay.

Manatee DEC. Up to date! Has a current events calendar. Club list well done.

Pasco DEC. Linked precinct finder-nice touch. Good navigation.

Pinellas DEC. Archived Newsletters are up-to-date.

Hillsborough DEC. Hasn't been updated for many months. Candidates listed are from Fall 2006. Elected officials are out of date.

Update from Ray (6-12: 2:25pm): From cjohnson, who is a member of the Hillsbourough DEC. He says the DEC is focusing on rebuilding themselves right now after some past troubles. According to Curt, they need volunteers to help rebuild the organization there. Email him if you're in the area, and see what you can do. We here at Reform Florida's DECs are here to help and find solutions for our friends in need.

1 comment:

Ray Seaman said...

Thanks for this!

Pinellas clearly wins the design and functionality/interactivity contest. Its easy to navigate without much clutter, and the action stuff is right in your face.

Manatee has the basic design part down, yet lacks any real functionality/interactivity.

Pasco...well they need some work.

But you're right - up to date information is very important. As TampabayDemocrat said at the Netroots luncheon, its better to have no website than a website with outdated information.