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Friday, June 22, 2007

Some New Links

I figure every time I add something new to the "Useful Links" list, I should at least promote them a bit and let you know why they're important. The two I've added today are one's I should have added a very long time ago.

Florida Democratic Chair's Association: The name gives it all away: this the organization representing all of the DEC chairs throughout Florida. Its a relatively "new" group which was actually brought back into existence after its fading a few years back. They're really just getting going. Nonetheless, this group has a big role to play in trying to get DECs on relatively the same page.

Small County Coalition: This group has been around for a while. Their goal is to help the 38 small counties (by "small" meaning a Dem registration below 30K) throughout Florida to build these unique communities into Democratic strongholds. Smaller counties are where DECs often (though not all the time) need the most assistance. The Small County Coalition is there to help.

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