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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Broward Rebrands from DEC to Party

June 19, 2007
For more information, contact Mitch Ceasar, Chairman, Broward County
Democratic Party
, (formerly the Broward County Democratic Executive
Committee) at 954-423-2200 or email

Broward County Democratic Executive Committee Rebranding Itself (Plantation, FL) The Broward County Democratic Executive Committee is rebranding itself the "Broward Democratic Party" as part of a new
marketing strategy designed to enhance the way it communicates with
voters. This initiative will serve to build recognition within the county
as to what the party´s role is, and strengthen public awareness about
local, county, state, and national issues and candidates in advance of the
next election.
"The use of the term `Democratic Executive Committee´ or
`DEC´ is common throughout the country," stated Chairman, Mitch Ceasar. "However, most voters don´t recognize it or know that it is, in fact, the official county party." "We want to call it what it is: the Broward Democratic Party."
Ceasar, who is also Democratic National Committee executive committee member, stated that this is the first step of an expanded communications strategy for Democrats, which will include an improved online presence and greater outreach to younger professionals.
"Broward County is vital to Democrats, and this next election has huge stakes for all Floridians. We´re determined to be proactive and bring more people into the process," he said.


Susan S said...

Kathleen posted this to our Hillsborough DEC Platform and Issues Yahoo group last night, and it immediately got some very positive comments. Let's hope this idea spreads!

Ray Seaman said...

We kinda already do this in Marion. In an official capacity, we're called the Marion County Democratic Executive Committee. But this is rare, and most of us simply use the Marion County Democratic Party.

Its a good idea though, people scratch their heads when they say "DEC."

Ray Seaman said...

BTW, if by "improved online presence" they mean a better website - kudos to them. The push towards younger professionals is also a very smart move, something we're also planning to do in Marion County with our next fundraiser in August.

Brian Franklin - Impact Politics said...

"Improved online presence" definitely means a better website. Right now we're working on an outline as to what we want it to ultimately be able to do, and when. From there I'm hopeful that we will get support for the effort... and implement many of the great strategies that you and others have articulated.

- Brian