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Monday, August 06, 2007

Something For Your DEC To Get Involved With

The idea is simple: hold every congressional Republican accountable in Florida. We all know we can't simply depend on the mainstream media to do the job, so bloggers and local activists must step up and fill the void.

DECs should do their part.

Ken Quinnel of Florida Progressive Coalition has launched a number of blogspot blogs for each Republican member of Congress for Florida. I've signed on to the Kick Out Keller blog, as Tricky Ricky is my congressman.

So if you have a Republican representing you in Congress, sign on the appropriate blog by emailing Ken at quinnelk at hotmail dot com, and let's start bringing an end to Republican rule in Florida.


Putnam Report said...

There's a new resource in South Central Florida to keep tabs on Republican Congressman Adam Putnam...

Introducing, The Putnam Report!

We just launched today, I hope you'll come check us out & leave a comment or mention us on your blog. We look forward to working with you and being a part of this online community.

Susan S said...

When are you joining us in person?