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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let's Focus on Republicans in County Commissions

Many county commissions in Florida represent more people than some states. Hillsborough's County Commission represents 1.15 million people. That is more than Wyoming (515,004) or Montana (944,632).
The past week has been an example of Republican developer funded County Commissioners gone wild in Hillsborough County. Politicians build their base at the county level and then move on up the line. Keeping an eye on them and who contributes to them when they win the county is a way to keep track as they go for state or even national office.


Susan S said...

Fortunately, we have some activist citizens in Hillsborough who are determined to change our County Commission. They attend every commission meeting with video camera in hand. They HAMMER these men on a daily basis. They have also been reaching out and building coalitions to bring about change. They are a model grassroots group.

We have one good candidate (Kevin Beckner) in the race against Brian Blair, and hopefully we can find others to run against Hagan and Higginbotham. Our biggest problem is not having candidates ready to run.

kansasr said...

We did our part in Broward last Novembmer when we defeated the remaining Republican on the County Commission!