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Monday, July 16, 2007

Recurring Donors

Barack Obama is now taking his campaign to put much of his support base on a recurring donor program on the front page of his website. He's using this nifty little graphic:

Whether or not Obama gets the Democratic nomination, I personally believe this will be one of his greatest contributions to the Democratic campaign/organizational playbook. Using recurring donors really pays off and helps build and sustain campaigns.


Jennifer said...

The use of recurring donations isn't unique to the Obama campaign - although I give him props for his team's promotion of it. I give the Edwards team a lot of credit for using ActBlue, the continued operation of which benefits lots of Democratic candidates.

Ray Seaman said...

You're right, Obama certainly isn't the first to use it, but he is the first candidate I've seen that is promoting it as strongly as he is.

And of course, ActBlue rocks.

Ray Seaman said...

By the way, Jennifer, congrats on getting the Thurman interview - that's fantastic!

Jennifer said...

I'm surprised by how few questions I've gotten - I figured people would be bombarding me with questions for the Chair of the FDP.

Jennifer said...

Creative Fundraising

Obama’s Camp Cultivates Crop in Small Donors

His campaign counts purchases of bumper stickers and other paraphernalia as donations.