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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

50 State Strategy: Required Reading

MyDD has gotten an exclusive first copy of The Nations series on the 50 State Strategy. This article is entitled: "PURPLE AMERICA -- The Democrats' Fifty-State Strategy Stokes North Carolina's Grassroots"

You can read the full article here.

As a huge fan of the 50 State Strategy, we really need to do everything we can to preserve it - particularly once Dean leaves in early 2009.

1 comment:

tally said...

Excellent article, thanks for the link Ray. The Nation has put out some great political articles this past year. I hope everyone is supporting them in their time of need with the rise in postal rates.

Everyone needs to get their local DEC members to read this Nation article and then have them start visiting this site in order to get ideas on how to spend the rest of 2007 effectively doing disciplined organizing.

I for one would like to hear more on how the DNC state organizers increased Democratic turnout by 10% (as opposed to 5% in other areas) in 2006.

I know GatorDem has consistently criticized the Florida DNC organizers, though I'm not sure why. Does anyone else know what they're doing? Were they at the DCA training in Tampa?

It is precisely statewide candidates who benefit from increased turnout thru-out the state. In 2008, the presidential race has the only statewide candidates. So why don't they all support grassroots efforts statewide?