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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

March of the Postmortems

Analysis and opinion is pouring in about the special election yesterday:

Why Calling Supervoters Is Dumb: "Calling primary voters was completely worthless. The time and energy used to call these people five or ten times could have been spent engaging voters who did not vote in the primary, notifying them of the election, and encouraging them to go out and vote..."

What Went Wrong: "Anyway, what really happened? That's more complex than people like Greer [Chairman of the Florida Republican Party] seem capable of publicly understanding. It's actually quite clear, though. The Dems did worse for a number of reasons, and these things have a lot of overlap..."

More Thoughts on SD3: "First, nothing went wrong. The results were about what was expected. It’s unrealistic to think that a political outsider and newcomer is going to defeat a popular, local candidate with deep roots in his community.However . . ."

My own analysis can be found here:

Postmortem for SD3: "Getting beat - and beat hard - sucks. Plain and simple. However, I told our GOTV leaders, and volunteers yesterday that I'm always an optimist. I guess when you're 20 you can 'afford' to be that. But here's the thing: aren't you glad we made these mistakes and found these errors now rather than in 2008? I sure as hell am..."

1 comment:

Eddie said...

I think that overall it was a positive experience. We learned so much, the Florida Netroots was involved, and we built bridges with other Democrats across the state.

This won't be the last special election this year. A few more coming...