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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How Republicans Reorganize Their Parties

Mike pointed me to this article earlier today.

Its always good to take a peek at what the other side has done to revitalize itslef in traditionally Democratic areas. Click here to read the article. Its a little long, but worth it.


Stacy said...

You are only NOW realizing that you should copy winning ways from another team? Wow, is it any wonder the Dems are in such a minority status in this state.

Mike said...

Why do you say he only "now" realized it? He said it's "always" good. Not that this is something new for him.

Why are you so petty?

Ray Seaman said...

Yes Stacy, just like Mike said, I've always believed that its a good idea to see why Republicans were so successful, this not some stunning revelation I just had. You'll find a lot of my ideas posted here incorporate many existing Republican practices (minus the ethical lapses) yet mixes in new ideas which can better accomodate the diversity of ideas, opinions, agendas, hopes, and dreams of the Democratic Party.

I'm not exactly sure if you are a Democrat (I obviously can't tell based off of one comment) but we don't help ourselves by quickly judging each other and engaging in the classic circular firing squad. This is something we need to avoid at all costs if the goal of a vibrant, efficient, and effective Democratic Party and majority is to be built, which if you're a Democrat, is a vision we all share.