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Friday, February 24, 2006

Introducing Florida Public Policy Blog

Hey everyone. I'm announcing the creation of a new blog that will deal with Florida public policy - from a progressive point of view.

The motto of Florida Public Policy is to analyze Republican public policy missteps and propose new solutions for Democrats to use at the local and state level in the state of Florida and possibly throughout the United States.

We Democrats and progressives are not devoid of ideas. We just lack the communication and cohesion needed to coalesce and distribute the billions of ideas coming from progressive think tanks, legislators, and citizen activists. I hope Florida Public Policy will become a clearinghouse for new ideas to solve Florida's many issues.

Ideas have in the past, and will in the future, propel the Democratic Party to the helm of the United States.

I encourage all of you here at FLA Politics to be on the lookout for new reports and ideas that pertain to Florida or the many issues affecting Florida, and report them on this blog as well as Florida Public Policy.

Here's the link:

I already have posted a new idea on how to better manage our growth - through higher density development versus low density development via a new report from the EPA. Check it out!

* Regular readers of this blog: This will dovetail with a new theme I will role out for Florida DECs in the coming days.

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